Ableton annonce la mise à niveau gratuite vers Live 11 Lite

Ableton Live 11 Lite vient de sortir. La version Lite est livrée avec tout un tas d’hardwares divers et variés.
Tous les possesseurs d’une ancienne version de Ableton Live Lite, pourront migrer gratuitement vers Ableton Live 11 Lite

Au programme

his new version adds new and updated devices, more sounds, a higher scene count and functionality that gives musicians a full music production palette. Some of the new features include:

MIDI Polyphonic Expression

MPE lets you add bends, slides and pressure for each individual note in a chord, add subtle expression variations, morph between chords and create evolving sonic textures more easily.

Sounds and effects

Four effects – Chorus-Ensemble, Phaser-Flanger, Limiter, Saturator – bring a much wider range of sound shaping possibilities to Live Lite. The upgrades to the Live Core Library that came with Live 11 are now available for Live Lite, new sounds, drum kits, Racks, Grooves, loops and MIDI clips.

More functionality

You can now add up to 16 Scenes for more varied arrangements and space to experiment with ideas. And with Tempo Following, Live listens to and adjusts its tempo based on incoming audio from another musician or other gear like drum machines in real time.

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